Changing chocolate for good

About craft chocolate

Craft chocolate is rich in flavour, smooth in texture and unlike any industrially processed chocolate you've tasted before. It is not exposed to temperatures over 42⁰ C at any stage of the production process, protecting the antioxidant-rich properties of the cacao bean and embracing the natural health benefits of real chocolate.

The Chocolution's craft chocolate is simpler, healthier and less processed than the brand-name chocolate you're used to seeing on supermarket shelves. Handmade in Sandwich, Kent, and delivered fresh to you, it's chocolate the way it should be.

We use only three ingredients: cacao beans, cacao butter, cane sugar and whole organic milk powder.

No preservatives.

Perfect for vegans or people with food allergies, gluten or intolerance.

It's not just a taste, it's an experience. So join the Chocolution today and see what we're talking about. We're confident it'll change the way you think about chocolate forever.