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National Chocolate Week Round-Up

Nick Johns-WickbergComment

Hope this newsletter finds you vital and 'Leaning into your Dream'  . . .

Here at Chocolution we highlight the link between food and vitality.

Specifically the role the original superfood, cacao within a diet that will assist you get to where you want to be.

So we have a round up of chocolate stories that have been in the news this week - National chocolate week - if you had not noticed!

First news from us . . .

The Golden Ticket Project - Over this (2016/17) chocolate season Chocolution will be exploring the state of the UK's chocolate ecosystem by asking and answering questions . . .

Where are we now? . . . How did we get here? . . . and Where we are going?

We don't know where this investigation will end up . . . it's going to be a fun ride.


We want to move premises. We want a space where people can come and visit us, where we can make amazing craft chocolate, hold workshops and build a community. Watch this space.


Beans from Bolivia - For those of you who were at the workshops this Easter in Kew! Rory has sent over the trial cacao beans from Northern Bolivia. These will be made into chocolate before the end of the month. We will let you know when this chocolate with an amazing back-story is available to buy.


Chocolate News . . . .

Quality chocolate = best breakfast -

 Mindfully eating chocolate = better results -

Role of diet (including cacao) and good brain health, explored in this great radio programme -