Changing chocolate for good

Botanist kit

The cacao bean is the nutritious main ingredient in chocolate, but its uses are much more diverse than most of us realise. The Botanist kit contains four types of cacao bean from around the world to experiment with in your own way. Try them raw, roast them, taste-test them and use them to create our seven recommended recipes!

Take a look at our instructional video to learn what's in the kit, what you can make and how to make it.

What's included

  • 50g Arriba beans (Ecuador)
  • 50g Criollo beans (Peru)
  • 50g Trinitario beans (Madagascar)
  • 50g Trinitario beans (Venezuela)
  • 100ml Sweet Freedom (natural sweetener)
  • Instructions, information and 7 recipes

What you can make

  • Taste-test 4 types of cacao bean, raw or roasted
  • Use them to create delicious chocolate treats, including choc nut fudge and a choco-banana milkshake
  • Try your hand at our own recipe, The Chocolution cacao balls
  • Experiment, experience, enjoy!