Changing chocolate for good

Craft Chocolate Range

From the heart of South America we have sourced a unique variety of cacao for you to taste. Volker Lehman and his team in the Bolivian lowlands harvest Beniano wild cacao beans, ferment and dry them at Hacienda Tranquilidad. The cacao trees were planted by ancient civilizations who lived in the region and used the forest as a garden, planting useful trees and plants near their settlements. The beniano cacao trees have self seeded over time to create areas of forest which have over 25% wild cacao trees, called 'chocolatals'.

Chocolate made from Beniano beans has a flavour profile of nuts ‘n honey, sparkling dark ‘brown fruit’ (raisins, prunes, dates); good acidity & mildly condensed tannins.

Chocolution is proud to work with Volker and his team, who manage the wild forests and are actively involved in ongoing planting of the heirloom beniano cacaoin the forests around Tranquilidad.

The simplicity of our supply chain (grower - producer - consumer)  allows you to know with certainty the provenance of your chocolate. Enjoy the rare flavours of beniano chocolate knowing you are protecting Bolivian rainforests.     


Taster pack   £14.00

Provides an introduction to our range of craft chocolate. Four different percentages of beniano chocolate.

What's included

4 x 30 2g hearts

  • 50% Milk chocolate
  • 70% Dark chocolate
  • 80% Dark chocolate
  • 90% Dark chocolate

Craft chocolate   £3.50 / £7.00

Choose from four different percentages and two different quantities of our 2g chocolate hearts.

You choose %

  • 50% Milk chocolate
  • 70% Dark chocolate
  • 80% Dark chocolate
  • 90% Dark chocolate

You choose pack size

  • 30 x 2g hearts
  • 60 x 2g hearts

Subscription service   from £7 p/m

You choose the percentage of craft chocolate you want, in the pack size you need and we will send it to you weekly or bi-monthly.

Your chocolate needs sorted with unique and rare beniano craft chocolate. Added benefits of knowing provenance and that you are supporting the effective management of Bolivian rainforests.