Changing chocolate for good

Our chocolate story

Most of us feel like we should cut back on chocolate, that it’s not healthy. But actually, cacao (aka cocoa) beans, the thing from which all chocolate is made. Is good for you.

The chocolate I grew up on, however, was highly processed, low in cacao solid content and high in fat and refined sugar. In the UK, three in five of us eat this type of chocolate most of the time and it’s this highly processed chocolate we’re told not to eat too much of – with good reason.

You see, as with most things, I learnt that getting the best from chocolate is a simple matter of quality versus quantity.

For me, it took a journey deep into the Peruvian Amazon to learn the true nature of chocolate.

There I met a simple and humble man known as Don Lucho (Luis Culquiton) who first opened my eyes to the truth of cacao. Don Lucho taught me that cacao is a powerful food with an immense capacity to heal many aspects of the human body and mind. He showed me what chocolate once was and what it could be again if we in the Western world change our relationship with it. This new knowledge was surprising. Exciting. Inspirational.

Armed with this new information about cacao, I returned to the UK and undertook research to confirm what I'd started to learn.

The vast differences between the highly processed milk chocolate of my youth and the powerful healing food I had discovered during my research created a dynamic tension. I felt the need to act, to start to change the industry in my own small way.

 Nick, Ruairidh and Kieran (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Easter, 2015)

Nick, Ruairidh and Kieran (Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, Easter, 2015)

In 2009 I decided to put my career as a secondary teacher to one side to create a business that would educate people about real chocolate and make fresh, raw chocolate more accessible and affordable. This was the start of The Chocolution.

Six years later, The Chocolution has introduced countless people to a new way of thinking about chocolate through our bespoke products and educational workshops. Our unique chocolate exploration kits and fresh chocolate products are more popular than ever, helping people take back chocolate from the large businesses that have dominated the industry for the last few decades.

There's a long way to go, but with continuing passion I believe we can all change our relationship with chocolate for the better. 

Kieran Renihan


The Chocolution's mission is to increase access to locally produced, healthy, delicious craft chocolate. For everyone.