Changing chocolate for good

Your weekly dose of raw chocolate, delivered to your door. Fresh. Healthy. Delicious.

A range of recent scientific research has shown that a modest amount of dark chocolate  between 1015g per day  consumed regularly as part of a balanced diet, can be beneficial to heart and brain health. This is because cacao, the principal ingredient in chocolate, is extremely rich in a type of antioxidant called flavanols, which have been shown to improve circulation.

We've put together your weekly dose of raw chocolate  60 raw chocolate hearts made from 70% Ecuadorian cacao and 30% coconut palm sugar. Nothing else.

With this monthly subscription option, we'll deliver your dose of chocolate to any door within the UK, fresh for you to enjoy throughout the week.

Eat 8 or 9 hearts a day, savour each mouthful and feel the benefits to your health and your mood. This is real chocolate. Honest chocolate. Chocolate the way it should be.