Changing chocolate for good

Time Traveller kit

In its earliest form, chocolate was consumed by the ancient Mayans as an unsweetened drink for medicinal purposes. The Time Traveller kit takes you on a journey through 4000 years of liquid chocolate history from those bitter beginnings to the sweet treat we enjoy today, via five traditional recipes.

Take a look at our instructional video to learn what's in the kit, what you can make and how to make it.

What's included

  • 12 x 11g chocolate tablets
  • 13 spices and flavours from around the world
  • Instructions, background information, 5 traditional hot chocolate recipes

What you can make

  • Mayan hot chocolate drink  c. 2000BC to 900AD
  • Aztec hot chocolate drink  c. 1325AD to 1521
  • Spanish hot chocolate drink  c. mid 1600s
  • Italian hot chocolate drink  c. mid 1600s
  • English hot chocolate drink  c. late 1600s
  • Your own, soon-to-be famous hot chocolate brew, concocted using your favourite spices  c. 2015