Changing chocolate for good

Workshop Range

Chocolate education is a core element of what we do. Our mission is to increase the knowledge and understanding of chocolate at all levels in the UK so that consumers can make informed decisions and ensure the chocolate choices they are making are the best for them, the growers and the places where cacao grows.

Workshops @ ours from £10.00

In our production space located at the Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent we offer you a warm welcome and aim to help you upgrade your knowledge and understanding of all aspects of chocolate.

Workshop options

Experiential bean to bar workshop

In depth hands on tempering workshop

Your private party / celebration workshop (birthdays, hen parties, family groups etc)


Workshops / talks @ yours

In partnership with you we will design a workshop to suit your specific requirements. Primary, secondary schools, places of work or other.

Workshop themes

  • History of chocolate
  • Botany of chocolate
  • Chocolate production
  • Problems with the chocolate industry
  • Solutions to problems
  • Chocolate industry and transition


Bespoke workshops

Our 5 year partnership with Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew is our model for working with partners to deliver large scale chocolate workshops, delivered over weeks