Types Of Nesting Dolls That Are Too Good To Be True


Many styles of nesting dolls have been formed, but the real ones, formed not by government decrees on the opening of factories for the manufacture of artistic products in every republic, but naturally there are several. These are primarily the nesting doll, the nesting doll, the princess nesting dolls, and the Kirov nesting doll. All of them originated in the ancient centers of toy crafts, naturally absorbing the characteristic artistic style of crafts. For more information about these nesting dolls and the history of the dolls, you can read on the relevant pages.

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Making of nesting doll

Soon, nesting dolls were made in other centers of wooden crafts, primarily in Semenov near Nizhny Novgorod, and then in the same province, but on its very outskirts 250 kilometers from the provincial center. Nesting dolls in these regions were painted in their characteristic styles, a little rustic, when compared to the Nesting Dolls, but bright and colorful, exciting the child’s eyeit’s still a toy!

Nesting DollsVityazi

Nesting Dolls differed in their characteristic elongated shape, it was here that they made nesting dolls consisting of 10, 12, 15 and more dolls. Interesting Nesting Dolls variety of forms, for each character nested dolls of a special form. And the aniline dyes, usually used for dyeing fabrics, were used for painting. Therefore, these dolls were bright, saturated colors, yellow and red tones prevailed.

Nesting Dolls traditional souvenirs are considered to be one of the most popular gifts that, we give, above all, to foreigners, wanting to acquaint them with cultural and national traditions, as well as collectors and just fans of original souvenirs. After all, giving a Nesting Dolls, someone gets not one gift, but several souvenirs on their favorite topics.

Designing the nesting dolls

A large center for the manufacture and painting of Nesting Dolls in the region was the city. In 1931, an artel for the production of souvenirs, including Nesting Dolls, was organized in Semenov. Gradually, a type of painting of a Nesting Dolls took shape, which is more decorative and conditional compared. The painting of the Nesting Dolls dates back to the traditions of the “grass” ornament of Ancient. Semenov masters leave more unpainted wood, use aniline paints and varnish the Nesting Dolls. First, the contours of the face, eyes, dashes on the lips, blush are marked with a stroke of a thin brush. Then they draw a skirt, an apron, a headscarf, draw hands.

Unlike dolls depicted as action figures, the basis of the composition in the painting Nesting Dolls is an apron, which depicts a bouquet of lush flowers. Nesting Dolls more in line with the spirit of the ancient painting, and the lines of the picture were graphic. Over time, the pattern of the bouquet seemed to fill with the juices of the herbs, becoming more dense, colorful and picturesque. At present, the masters use 3 colors in the painting red, blue, and yellow, varying the color combinations of the scarf, sundress, and apron. Bouquet traditionally placed on the apron symmetrically, shifting somewhat to the right. The painting of each Nesting Dolls is unique and original. The craftswoman, painting the next Nesting Dolls, brings something new to the painting. Turners have created their own shape of the doll, which, is more slender, its relatively thin “top” sharply turns into a refined “bottom”. The famous nesting doll differs from the nesting dolls of other centers by its versatility.

Painting of Nesting Dolls

In the nearby village, following the example of their neighbors, they also began to paint wooden items, including Nesting Dolls. The shape of steep nesting dolls is variable (Nesting Dolls kings and queens, hares, bears, etc.), in the style of painting closest.

The city of PolkhovMaidan is another center for the manufacture and painting of Nesting Dolls, located in the south-west of the Nizhny Novgorod region. For a long time in these places they were engaged in crafts related to wood processing, making toys, including turning onessamovars, birds, piggy banks, saltcellars, apples. The first nesting dolls, following the example, were burned out, and then the locals switched to painting wooden doll-Nesting Dolls with a floral ornament.

The craftsmen, use aniline paints in the painting. The coloring of half nesting dolls is brighter, more resounding, and the painting is larger. Blue, yellow, crimson and mixtures of these colors are used in contrasting combinations, which is why the painting acquires activity, vitality. Brightness of color is achieved by accepting varnishing by applying one paint to another. The Nesting Dolls is a peasant primitive. It is a wooden beauty with narrowed eyebrows and eyes, and a face framed by black curls. Curlsa genuine detail of the old local women’s jewelry. The main element of the painting is a lot of petals of wild rose (“rose”). Dolls

Modernization of nesting dolls

Thus, the nesting dolls that are created today in different fishing centers differ from each other. Nesting dolls are firm, thick-skinned, in multi-colored apron, in red, blue, green scarves, in the patternsmall and large flowers, peas, drawing “Turkish cucumbers”, raspberry berries, cherries, there are dolls with small baskets with berries, Semenov’sin colorful aprons, in yellow-red hemispheres, at Nesting Dolls, crimson berries, flowers, green leaves are scattered over the yellow background, they are slimmer and much more flirty than their sisters, the face of half Nesting Dolls is usually framed by exquisite fancy curls of dark hair strands. Half nested dolls are painted only with aniline dyes, all patterns have a black outline, which is pre-applied with ink.

Common to all nesting dolls is an imagea true beauty from the Russian hinterland, not just a womana goddess, continuer of the human race. It should also be noted that the modern author’s Nesting Dolls, made with regard to the traditions established in folk crafts (streamlined shape, symbols and semantics of the costume), has become more decorative due to the complicated painting and use of modern materials and technologies. However, the symbolic meaning of this image and in modern products remains the same.

Kigurumis Are Taking Winter Fashion By Storm


Kigurumi is a costume in which any person who loves to shock the public can depict some cartoon character, movie or computer game. Kigurumi appeared in Japan, a country where they combine traditional quality and trendy ideas. Today, kigurumi are worn around the world, dressing up in Pikachu, now in Stitch, then in Mike, the Dragon, or Hello Kitty. The people who wear them are called “Kigurumins.” In general, Kigurumi is a whole culture that confidently conquers the world. And you can buy Kigurumi pajamas in America, even the most remote and sparsely populated. Wearing your Kigurumi to a convention is thus important. Also, you get to take cool pictures with onesies there!

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When to wear Kigurumi and how to handle it?

Kigurumi is not just a cool onesies that can be summer and winter, with a hood, tail, and ears. This is, above all, comfortable and cool onesies, in which it is warm, it is easy to move and delight those around you. In fact, it is said that it has the skin benefits of a blanket. Soft, pleasant to the touch, made of polyester, kigurumi not wrinkled and suitable for both boys and girls. You can buy kigurumi yourself or present it to your friends kigurumi are created for adults and children from the age of three. Wash pajamas manually, and after washing, without wringing, dry thoroughly. With proper care, the onesies will give ease of movement and joyful emotions.

In winter, kigurumi is convenient to engage in snowboarding, skiing, walking. In the summer it is used to arrange pajama parties or just enjoy spending time with friends. Kigurumi is great for holding flash mobs, performances and conceptual actions, fun parties and open-air. You can buy Kigurumi and use it for all sorts of purposes. In fact, in a magazine issue, it was declared that packing kigurumi for travel would be enough for an all-around activity, rather than packing different clothes for each activity.

Kigurumi – a source of joy and warmth

Kigurumi creates, relying on the popular worldwide animation masterpieces, blockbusters and the coolest computer games. Any character in the game or a cartoon character is invariably popular and loved by children and adults. Therefore, an onesie that refers us to a fantastic or funny story is doomed to attract attention, lift your spirits and charge everyone with positive energy.

Doubt what size is right for you? This is normal.

Now we will quickly tell you how to choose the right kigurumi and not make a mistake. Choosing kigurumi is very simple. The main criterion is you should like it. Below will be a table of sizes corresponding to growth. All kigurumi belong to the unisex style. Therefore it is suitable for both women and men.

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