Kigurumis Are Taking Winter Fashion By Storm

Kigurumi is a costume in which any person who loves to shock the public can depict some cartoon character, movie or computer game. Kigurumi appeared in Japan, a country where they combine traditional quality and trendy ideas. Today, kigurumi are worn around the world, dressing up in Pikachu, now in Stitch, then in Mike, the Dragon, or Hello Kitty. The people who wear them are called “Kigurumins.” In general, Kigurumi is a whole culture that confidently conquers the world. And you can buy Kigurumi pajamas in America, even the most remote and sparsely populated. Wearing your Kigurumi to a convention is thus important. Also, you get to take cool pictures with onesies there!

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When to wear Kigurumi and how to handle it?

Kigurumi is not just a cool onesies that can be summer and winter, with a hood, tail, and ears. This is, above all, comfortable and cool onesies, in which it is warm, it is easy to move and delight those around you. In fact, it is said that it has the skin benefits of a blanket. Soft, pleasant to the touch, made of polyester, kigurumi not wrinkled and suitable for both boys and girls. You can buy kigurumi yourself or present it to your friends kigurumi are created for adults and children from the age of three. Wash pajamas manually, and after washing, without wringing, dry thoroughly. With proper care, the onesies will give ease of movement and joyful emotions.

In winter, kigurumi is convenient to engage in snowboarding, skiing, walking. In the summer it is used to arrange pajama parties or just enjoy spending time with friends. Kigurumi is great for holding flash mobs, performances and conceptual actions, fun parties and open-air. You can buy Kigurumi and use it for all sorts of purposes. In fact, in a magazine issue, it was declared that packing kigurumi for travel would be enough for an all-around activity, rather than packing different clothes for each activity.

Kigurumi – a source of joy and warmth

Kigurumi creates, relying on the popular worldwide animation masterpieces, blockbusters and the coolest computer games. Any character in the game or a cartoon character is invariably popular and loved by children and adults. Therefore, an onesie that refers us to a fantastic or funny story is doomed to attract attention, lift your spirits and charge everyone with positive energy.

Doubt what size is right for you? This is normal.

Now we will quickly tell you how to choose the right kigurumi and not make a mistake. Choosing kigurumi is very simple. The main criterion is you should like it. Below will be a table of sizes corresponding to growth. All kigurumi belong to the unisex style. Therefore it is suitable for both women and men.

If you are in doubt and cannot determine which size to choose, consider your height. We recommend choosing a size slightly larger than yours. For example, your height is 166 cm, which corresponds to the size of M; we recommend taking the size L. Since if the size is butt, the movement will be constrained and this will cause discomfort. Kigurumi is loose clothing. It should be worn easily and freely. Also, we advise parents to buy clothes for children for growth.

Kigurumi pajamas for adults

In this section, you can choose and buy Kigurumi for adults. Among the huge range, there are such popular pajamas as Kigurumi unicorn about 6 models, Kigurumi panda, Kigurumi stitch, Pokémon Kigurumi Pikachu and many others. To quickly select the desired model, you can use the search by product.

To choose the size of kigurumi, you only need to know the height. Sizes are selected solely for growth. This principle is very convenient when choosing a kigurumi for a gift because growth is the most affordable option.

If you have any questions when choosing a model or size, our manager will be happy to answer them. To do this, make an order, call us or write to the email address.

Kigurumi translated as growth doll came to us from Japan. In this country, the so-called costumes in which the actors performed, but on the territory of the post-Soviet countries, thanks to convenience, Kigurumi represents a home costume, pajamas made in the form of animated, fairy tale characters, superheroes or as an exact copy of real animals, with paws, ears, and tail. Today, kigurumi for adults is a trend in clothing all over the world.

Clothing features

They are acquired, regardless of age or profession, such a home outfit is casual clothing for the home, among representatives of various segments of the population. They are acquired by students, party-goers, athletes, parents of young children, businessmen and many others. Popular are both male and female models, made in the currently relevant unisex style. When returning home after an exhausting day at work, adults dress up in a onesie of a bear, giraffe, dragon, another beast or a fairy-tale character and fully relax from the worries and work day.

Unusual pajamas for adults are one-piece onesies made of soft material, buttoned, zipped or with buttons located on the product from the back or front. The presence of fasteners allows you to unbutton the onesies if you want to go to the toilet without removing it.

A distinctive feature of this type of clothing is a hood depicting the head of an animal or a fairytale hero. It makes the costume unusual and interesting. For convenience, it is equipped with a slimming drawstring. Some models of pajamas-onesies for adults have roomy pockets, other decorative elements depending on the character depicted.

Despite the fact that most people wear this onesie only at home or for sleeping, many extraordinary people prefer to wear it on the street. Most often in these outfits, you can meet girls who are engaged in shopping or walking around the city. Bright, original one-piece pajamas for adults attracts the attention of others, uplifting, charges with positive.

Advantages of Kigurumi

Customers who purchase such costumes at our online store Kigurumi will be provided with high-quality models with several advantages:

  • Products are made of soft, durable materials that do not change the appearance after numerous washings.
  • Kigurumi is best washed by hand, so the quality of the product will last longer.
  • No ironing is required.
  • The onesies are easy to wear on clothing and body.

As the material used for sewing costumes are used

Fleece: Warm and pleasant to the touch fabric, allowing the body to breathe.

Velsoft: It is an alternative to fleece, does not wrinkle, retains its original shape.

Cotton: Designed for the manufacture of summer models, the advantage of natural fabric is its hypoallergenic, safety.

Warm terry pajamas for adults are another option for a onesie. This fabric perfectly absorbs moisture, protects from cold, so it is preferable to buy such models for use in the cold season.

The online store offers a huge range of kigurumi for adults, which you can buy at affordable prices, made of velsoft. A diverse color palette allows you to select models depending on the individual preferences of customers. Any pajamas-onesies for adults, purchased in Kigurumi, will be a light element of not only women’s but also men’s wardrobe. Detailed information about the terms of payment, delivery, and other information can be on the website of our company.