The squishy phenomenon – How did these toys become so popular?

Are there any squishy lovers out there? If your answer is a resounding yes, you should keep reading. On the other hand, if your answer is “No, I don’t even know what those are”, then you have to keep reading!


If you don’t know what squishies are, that’s ok, but if you still haven’t even heard of them, well, my friend, you must be living under a rock. In the past five years, squishies have changed a lot. These toys started out as niche products that only hardcore fans of Japanese culture heard of. Now, they are huge, trendy, and everyone wants to have them.


Squishies are squeeze toys without sound or voice, but they are nothing like your stress-relief squeeze ball. For one, they could never be as dull, and two, they could never be so unpopular. Every squishy is absolutely kawaii (“cute” in Japanese). They have faces, and they come in dozens of adorable shapes, and dozens of delicious scents. Some squishies are so lifelike that you’d mistake them for real food.

The most popular squishies come from four companies – Sanrio, Breadou, SAN-X, and RE-MENT.


SAN-X and Sanrio squishy toys come in a bunch of different sizes and shapes. But, their squishies are so recognizable because these companies own some of the most famous cartoon characters in the world. Characters like RIlakkuma and Hello Kitty belong to them and are often an inspiration for their squishies. Kawaii fans and squishy collectors love that fact, and they gather and trade them online.


On the other side of the coin, we have Breadou and RE-MENT. These two companies are making completely different squishy toys. Breadou toys look like pastries, whether they are shaped like a turtle, a cat, or something third. Each of Breadou squishies smells like a bread loaf that just got out of the oven. These features are what makes these products so insanely popular, and rather expensive. Expensive for squishies, that is.


RE-MENT squishy toys also come in dozens of different models. They are also pretty pricey, but their fans don’t seem to mind. Their squishies come in the shape of popular anime characters, as well as traditional Japanese dolls.

But, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re a kawaii fan, or you just now understand why these squishable toys are so popular. Why? Well, because once you hold a squishy, you’ll want to own one, and once you own one, you’ll want to own a collection. If I’m right, you know what you need to do. Order your squishy online, now!

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