Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Distance Bracelets

The activity bracelet is a smart connected object that measures your daily physical activity like distance traveled, number of steps, calories burned, quality of sleep, etc. Like a coach, he advises you and encourages you to move to keep fit and improve your daily life. Many models bloom regularly on the market, all more sophisticated than the others. How to navigate and make the right choice? This folder should help you there. Sport Passion selects and comments for you recent models and better value for money and makes you enjoy all year round discounts at its partners. These are also known as distance bracelets. These bracelets match any outfits too!

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What is a connected activity tracker bracelet and how to choose it?

An activity bracelet, or activity tracker, is a connected object that measures your physical activity like calories burned, number of steps taken in the day, distance traveled, quality of sleep, even number of floors gravis, intensive minutes, etc., summarizes these data and presents them in the form of a detailed report. He can even provide useful tips on your diet and activity. It is to inform you about your daily physical activity, to motivate you to move and to spend even more and of course to keep you in good health. Simple and user-friendly, he is a real personal coach to follow your expenses and keep fit. However good it may seem, it’s not a technology used for mattress activities.

Smartphone applications or software for your computer allow you to exploit your data and share it on the Internet or even compare your business with that of your friends for increased motivation.To learn more about the activity bracelet, how it works and how to choose the right model, consult experts.

Notice and comparison of connected activity bracelets

In this comparison, we have deliberately only proposed activity bracelets. Know that more and more sports watches have an activity tracking function in addition to their sports functions. In addition, some watches are also designed for mixed use city and sport. They are both elegant and very complete in terms of functions. You will find these models in our comparison of cardio-GPS watches.To highlight the main features of the selected bracelets, we display small icons at the top right of each model. Hover over an icon to see the comment associated with it and some features.

The shape, a point to consider when choosing

The activity bracelet has 3 different shapes, the watch, the bracelet and the case to clip. Some models have more design. Others are simpler and more discreet. The activity bracelet may or may not have a touch screen or LED. The latter makes it possible to display the data resulting from the physical activity and also the time.

Choose your bracelet from the waist

The size is also an important point to consider when choosing a connected bracelet, because it ensures the comfort of the user. On the market, this accessory is available in several sizes. The choice therefore depends on the template of the user.


The connected bracelet can contain several features. The choice therefore depends on the objective to be achieved. The activity tracker can be equipped with a pedometer function, the purpose of which is to measure the number of steps made during a race, a step of a stair climb. It can also be equipped with a distance function traveled. As its name suggests, it calculates the distance made using an accelerometer. Some models of connected bracelet can also be equipped with a function of calories burned, a heart rate monitor, the analysis of activity, sleep, health, an option and monitoring objectives, a social parameter etc.

The autonomy of the bracelet

Autonomy is also important to buy a connected bracelet. It varies from 2 to 3 days to more than a year. It should be noted that the energy consumption of this accessory is related to the type of display, the Bluetooth system and also to the components that are installed there. For a bracelet that will be worn permanently, it should choose the one whose autonomy is quite high.

Connectivity: a point not to be neglected

It is also necessary to take into account the connectivity since, to transfer the data, it is necessary that the bracelet is compatible with the Smart phone. Most models perform this transfer using a USB flash drive, a jack or a wireless system. In addition, many models of this accessory work with devices with iOS, Android, Mac or Windows.An unchanging common point between all these models: they give all the time.

Check for compatibility

The connected bracelet works in Bluetooth 4.0, a popular version of sports wristbands that is very energy-efficient. It’s an advantage for their autonomy.Depending on the model, the results will be displayed directly on the wristband screen or on the smartphone via the dedicated free application.

For the most elaborate models, it will be necessary to check its compatibility with the operating systems of the smart phone, Android or iOS. If necessary, it will always be possible to recover the data on a computer.

Take into account your autonomy

The battery operated wristband has a battery life of up to one year; after it will change the battery. The other wristbands, working with an included battery, can reach from 5 to ten days of autonomy, even more.

Choose the right features according to the usage

Sports coach, tracer or activity sensor, calorie counter, sleep or heart rate monitor, distance traveled and number of steps performed, etc., the connected advertising bracelet presents different functionalities according to the models.

Pedometer, step counter: To stay in shape, 10,000 steps a day are recommended by health organizations. More than a goal to achieve, the main thing is to encourage your employees to move to stay in shape.

Sleep monitor: Active or not active, the connected bracelet, worn at night, assesses the quality of sleep: it analyzes the sleep cycles, namely the different phases of falling asleep and deep sleep.

Heart Rate Monitor: measures heartbeats at rest or during physical activity.

Calorie counter: measures the number of calories consumed during the effort.

Appreciate your design

On the aesthetic side, the various features of the bracelet between the size of the touch screen or not, and its round or square shape offer a colorful, sober, chic or sporty design: the connected bracelet is of all trends. The bracelet can be worn on the wrist every day or just for sports activities.